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Nami Island, South Korea’s Popular Sightseeing Must-Visit

Nami Island is an island that is often visited by local and foreign tourists. Nami Island is famous for its distinctive trees which are very beautiful and romantic in winter.

On this island, it was once used for shooting, and given special marks and descriptions of the scenes in the series that were immortalized in that place, including the statue and the main character.

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Buddy travelers who walk to Nami from Seoul takes about 1.5 hours. This island is indeed quite interesting to visit, and there are many ways to visit this island, including;

By Train:
Take a train from Cheongyangni Train Station Seoul to Gapyeong Train Station, then take a taxi to Gapyeong Pier.

By Train ITX(Intercity Train Express):
Take from Yongsan Station or from Chengyanni station to Gapyeong, then take a taxi to Gapyeong pier

Shuttle buses:
Usually shuttle buses are provided in packages and for more detailed information, you can search from existing sources.

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Different Outdoor Adventure Equipment in Tropical Regions with 4 Season Countries

Since voyaging involves getting back without missing a thing, making arrangements is not, at this point debatable, remembering for outside experience exercises. This planning alludes to the field of movement so you don’t misunderstand the thing to bring along different supporting hardware.

For those of you who need to go on an outside experience in a tropical district like Indonesia, from ascending mountains to infiltrating woodlands, first see how the gear on this sort of excursion is not quite the same as an investigation in a four-season country.

“Ventilation is vital in light of the fact that individuals travel overheating. That is the reason we made a component (mountain pack) to permit course on the back,” said General Manager Marketing of PT Eigerindo MPI, Harimula Muharam, when met in the Kopo territory, Bandung, Monday, 15 March 2021.

Likewise, open air oil hardware in the jungles is additionally outfitted with creepy crawly repellent highlights. “Particularly the mosquitoes,” said Harimula. “So we exploit a compound that when presented to body heat, it responds to radiate a fragrance that bugs don’t care for.”

At that point, so that sharp articles experienced en route, like twigs, don’t harm the body, it is likewise imperative to wear garments produced using cordura which is professed to be scratch safe. “In the event that we climb the ice sheet, there are no aggravations from the branches. That is the reason there is hardware separation,” he added.

Then, what is as yet on the note of his gathering is to build up a shoe track plan that is protected to utilize when strolling on greenery. “We likewise keep on getting bits of knowledge from clients, the local area, and the Eiger brand represetative,” he said.

PT Eigerindo MPI’s Product Designer, Oki Lutfi, proceeded with that the open air experience hardware itself cannot be bested level. Given the variety of attributes of an area, despite the fact that they are as yet unchanged in the jungles, it is additionally not a difficulty.

“That is the reason knowing the territory (prior to leaving) is vital,” he said. “For instance, similar to when we did the Black Borneo undertaking in 2016 and 2017, we found that it was smarter to rest in a lounger than to set up a shelter on the grounds that the land there will in general be sodden.”

“At that point, for the pathways that need to slice through close timberlands, we at last built up an item that has an element as a blade,” said Oki. Aside from that, he additionally concurred that bug pervasion is one of the qualities of venturing out in the jungles to know about.