Tired of the same tourist attraction, how about you try a tour with a military feel? This tourist attraction is located in Singapore and is known as Fort Siloso. Here you can feel the military feel that is so thick, because this fort itself is a relic of the military history in Singapore. Then, what is in this one tourist spot?

Location of Siloso Fort

Before you find out what’s going on in this Singapore tourist spot, it’s a good idea to first study the location of Fort Siloso. Geographically, this fort is located on the island of Sentosa, Singapore. Sentosa Island itself is indeed a favorite destination for travelers visiting a country known for its lion statues. So, how did Siloso Fort become part of the tourist attractions in Singapore?

History of Fort Siloso Singapore

Based on his records, the area around Fort Siloso is related to Singapore’s struggle for independence. The fort area had become the basecamp of British troops and then in the end and in 1960, Sentosa Island was handed over to Singapore, which had become independent from Britain. Later in its development, the fort area was used as the military center of Singapore. It was only in the 1970s, Fort Siloso was developed as one of Singapore’s tourist destinations.
What’s in this Tourist Place?

In accordance with the explanation above, it is certain that in this place you will find relics of military tools. First, you can find a cannon that became a military war weapon at that time. Furthermore, there is a bunker that is a hiding place for military troops. Of course, this will give a different feel than usual. Overall, this place will invite you to re-acquaint yourself with the history of Singapore’s military struggle until it was able to achieve its independence.

When is Fort Siloso Open?

So, when is the Siloso Fort tour open to the public? Of course, this is a question for those of you who want to visit this fort. Based on information, Fort Siloso will operate to receive tourists from 10:00 and will be closed at 18:00 Singapore time. Therefore, manage your time as well as possible to get precious moments at this tourist spot with a military feel.
Access to Siloso Fort on Sentosa Island

For those of you who are interested in visiting Fort Siloso, then you can travel using Singapore’s public transportation. One type of transportation that you can ride is the Sentosa Express. The journey will take you approximately 15 minutes.

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