Are you currently digging the internet, hoping to find the answer of how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia? If so, you come to the right place. Is it possible to cancel the add-ons even after booking? This article will show what you can do about it, as well as the related information about the add-ons prepared by this red-and-white, Malaysian airline.

Many of us know that getting add-ons can be pretty money-draining. Unless you have some spare money, purchasing add-ons for our flights sounds like not a match for a budget travel. Therefore, travelers that rely on such low budget should try their best not to include any add-ons while booking—despite it (prebook add-ons) being a little bit cheaper than check-in counter and in-flight add-ons. Well, in case you are part of that ‘cancel-add-ons’ squad, make sure to read the explanations below.

Cancelling AirAsia Pre-Booked Add-ons: Is It Possible?

The question of ‘how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia’ should be answered by acknowledging the airline’s baggage allowance first. How much baggage is allowed by the airline?

According to the airline’s official website, for normal airplane fare, you are only allowed to bring along at maximum 7kg cabin baggage. The details are made crystal clear there:

  1. 1 luggage sized at max. 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm for its dimension, fitting the upper storage and/or
  2. 1 laptop bag which sized 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm or 1 small bag, fitting the lower seat space in front of you

When combined, the maximum weight of this brought-in-hand baggage should not be heavier than the aforementioned weight, which is 7 kg.

So, do you think you can stand without purchasing any slot for checked baggage? Take a measuring tape, and place your luggage on a scale. If it doesn’t surpass the cabin baggage allowance, and complying with the details, then go without purchasing additional baggage.

The problem starts when you’re stuck with your big, (somehow) bulky carrier bag or luggage. If you think you’ll exceed the size, then it’s highly recommended to purchase a pre-book baggage slot. For that, you can include it when booking your flight ticket. There, you can find various maximum weights to purchase, ranging from 20 kg to 40 kg. Of course, the bigger the number, the more bucks you need to spend.

Cancelling the baggage add-ons

Baggage is one of the mostly purchased add-ons in many airlines, especially LCCs like AirAsia. This is widely done by LCC passengers given that the flight they are in doesn’t offer free checked baggage. So, let’s get back to our core question: how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia?

  • When you haven’t completed your booking

It’s a sure thing that you can cancel your baggage before a booking is finalized. You need to know that after you choose your flight, oftentimes the airline ticks on the 20-kg checked baggage automatically; which is why you will find the total price to be different. For some, the price change can be something truly annoying. What can you do about that? Here’s how:


  1. Make sure not to proceed to the next booking phase. Stay on the add-ons booking page.
  2. Click on ‘Baggage Options’.
  3. Choose ‘No checked baggage’ afterwards.
  4. Click ‘Done’


By doing so, it means you’ve cancelled the checked baggage booking. The baggage price will be zero-ed automatically. If the price is still different than the previous airplane fare, check the insurance add-on part. Simply choose ‘No insurance’ option if you are not OK with the purchase.


  • Cancelling the pre-booked baggage add-on after booking

Luckily, you can still manage your bookings right after booking either from mobile app or via desktop browser. To manage your flight, you need to go to ‘My Bookings’ menu, click on the flight that you wish to change, and make your change there.


There are types of services that can be edited even after the booking, such as:

  1. Flight dates and times,
  2. Guest details, only for the gender status. For other details change, chatting with AVA and selecting “Booking Changes”, followed by “Change of Guest’s Details” will help. This AVA (AirAsia Virtual Allstar) chatbot is available on the desktop. You will have to login before using this service.
  3. Contact details,
  4. Pre-book, change, or increase add-ons such as baggage, in-flight meals, and seat,
  5. Upgrading seat class (only for flights with AirAsia X – meaning that this service will only be available for booking code starting with D7)

However, although it is said that you can change your booking details, including the add-ons, you should be in these conditions below:

  1. You are not booking a promo ticket. Promo ticket owners will not be able to change those aforementioned details and add-ons, according to the official website of AirAsia.
  2. You still have more than four hours before the flight. According to the airline’s support chatbot, namely AVA, the allowed cut-off time to pre-book/increase your checked baggage allowance is 4 hours before the departure. That said, you should do the upgrade before that. As for other add-ons, it’s best to keep the cut-off the same hours as the checked baggage.

Actually and unfortunately, there are no clear articles mentioning how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia flight online, even in the official website.

Nevertheless, an article in the airline’s official website mentioning that: once the pre-booked baggage weight has been purchased, it is non-refundable. So, doesn’t it sound like a waste of time if you try everything, just to make the pre-booked baggage cancelled—given that the fee isn’t even refundable?

Avoiding Useless Baggage Weight Purchase

Given that the fee that you’re charged for such baggage fee isn’t refundable, it’s best to know how to avoid it. After all, even at discounted rate, the rate for checked baggage isn’t cheap. How to avoid useless baggage weight purchase will be mentioned as follows:

  1. Plan early. By planning your luggage earlier (just plan), you have plenty of time to measure, estimate, and determine how much baggage that you need to purchase. If possible, you can maximize the benefit only from the 7-kg free cabin baggage. No additional cost you’ll pay!
  2. Pack less, save more. Bringing more luggage doesn’t always bring good, especially for your wallet’s health.
  3. Learn about the baggage allowance policy. Although it may bore you to the core, knowing the cost of baggage and the impossibility to cancel and refund it will help you to avoid excessive add-ons purchase.
  4. If possible, find another cheaper method to move your stuff. That way, you don’t have to purchase any checked baggage.

To elaborate, how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia flight? Since it can’t be refunded, it means cancellation becomes something useless to do. Your purchased baggage will remain unused if you don’t opt to put your stuff when perform check-in. Don’t worry, no one will take over that spot.