Nami Island is an island that is often visited by local and foreign tourists. Nami Island is famous for its distinctive trees which are very beautiful and romantic in winter.

On this island, it was once used for shooting, and given special marks and descriptions of the scenes in the series that were immortalized in that place, including the statue and the main character.

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Buddy travelers who walk to Nami from Seoul takes about 1.5 hours. This island is indeed quite interesting to visit, and there are many ways to visit this island, including;

By Train:
Take a train from Cheongyangni Train Station Seoul to Gapyeong Train Station, then take a taxi to Gapyeong Pier.

By Train ITX(Intercity Train Express):
Take from Yongsan Station or from Chengyanni station to Gapyeong, then take a taxi to Gapyeong pier

Shuttle buses:
Usually shuttle buses are provided in packages and for more detailed information, you can search from existing sources.

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